Colette Collage

Colette Collage
A poignant and entrancing biographic musical of the incomparable French author, Colette.

Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones (The Fantasticks) bring to life the incomparable French author of Gigi and Cheri in the musical, Colette Collage. Charming, witty, bold, sensual and entirely unconventional, this intimate, highly theatrical show captures the essence of one of the most liberated women of all time.

The young bride-to-be of, and ghostwriter to, an older, successful gentleman, Colette finds herself incredibly unfulfilled. Discontent with marriage due to her husband's infidelity and the abuse that she suffers, she sets out on a journey of feminine independence. Through her occupational and sexual explorations, she uncovers the emotional engagement in life that she had been previously denying herself. Her most pleasant, painful and powerful experiences over the course of sixty-plus years are relived in an immaculately arranged piece for the stage.

Colette Collage is an ideal piece for any group that prides itself on presenting affecting and moving productions without fear or hesitation. Calling for a small cast, Colette Collage has the potential to be the most densely talented and captivating show in a singular season.



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