A delightful revue that celebrates the indomitable spirit of composer, pianist and raconteur, Eubie Blake.

Eubie! is a toe-tapping revue of Eubie Blake songs that stormed Broadway during the 1978-79 season to become the most recent success of a 75-year professional career. Nominated for three Tony Awards, the original production featured a pair of tap dancing wonders – brothers, Maurice and Gregory Hines.

Blake helped break down racial barriers in the landmark 1921 musical, Shuffle Along, the first Broadway musical written, directed by and starring African Americans. The show was a smash hit, opening Broadway to a whole range of black artists and bringing a vital musical influence to the American theatre, which continues to this day.

The soul and sound of the celebrated composer is evoked in over twenty wonderful songs that span the century, including the classic "I'm Just Wild about Harry." With its sizzling score, flexible cast requirements and energetic dance numbers, Eubie! is a perfect showcase for dynamic performers, as well as a crowd-pleasing salute to a true American pioneer.


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