Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

It’s 1954 in Baltimore. Mrs. Vernon Williams, a formidable social matron and president of Baltimore Women’s Club, presides over the first annual Anti-Polio Picnic and Vaccination Carnival. Mrs. Vernon Williams’ granddaughter, Allison, is the most beautiful girl at the park. The Squares, a squeaky clean group of teens led by Baldwin and his singing group, the Whiffles, burst into song (“The Anti-Polio Picnic”).  The entrance of some Drapes, a gang of loners who love to terrorize the Squares, interrupts their jubilation. The Teardrops, three Drapes comprised of a pregnant Pepper, Wanda and Mona (aka Hatchet-Face), lead the charge to wreak havoc for the Squares. (“Watch You’re A**”). In the midst of all of the chaos, Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker enters to join in the fun and get his polio vaccine. Allison is immediately drawn to this bad-boy orphan, which makes Mrs. Vernon Williams nervous (“I’m Infected”).

Later that afternoon at the Maidenhead Country Club, Baldwin, the Whiffles and a reluctant Allison perform at Safety Awareness Day for the rest of the Squares (“Squeaky Clean”). Cry-Baby and the Teardrops interrupt the event. Cry-Baby has come to invite Allison to the Jukebox Jamboree at Turkey Point, but Mrs. Vernon Williams and Baldwin outright forbid it. Cry-Baby is devastated (“Nobody Gets Me”).  Allison ponders over her Square life and decides to take action. She sets off the emergency alarm, sending the entire country club into panic and giving her the perfect opportunity to steal away to Turkey Point. (“Nobody Gets Me – Reprise”).

That evening at Turkey Point, we find Dupree emceeing the “Jukebox Jamboree” while the Teardrops scare off Lenora, a girl who is obsessed with Cry-Baby on a highly neurotic level. Allison enters to the surprise of the Teardrops, who give her some advice on how to be a real bad girl (“A Whole Lot Worse”).  Lenora jumps at the chance at the open mike from Dupree – singing of her devotion and love to Cry-Baby, as well as her general state of mental health (“Screw Loose”). After Lenora’s demonstration of love, Dupree introduces Cry-Baby and the Teardrops to wrap up the night (“Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby (Baby, Baby) Baby”).

Later that evening Cry-Baby takes Allison to a romantic, secluded section of Turkey Point, where they start to get to know each other a little better (“Girl, Can I Kiss You with Tongue?”). Cry-Baby runs off back to the pavilion to retrieve a special gift for his new special girl, a gold-plated guitar pick (“I’m Infected – Reprise”).  A blazing fire set upon Turkey Point tragically interrupts their blossoming romance. Baldwin appears and immediately blames Cry-Baby for the arson, having him and all of the other Drapes arrested and dragged off to jail.

One by one, the Drapes enter the courthouse to face trial (“You Can’t Beat the System”).  The Judge doesn’t budge on placing blame on the Drapes, and Cry-Baby and folks get sentenced to correctional facilities. Just before Cry-Baby is taken away, Lenora runs into the courthouse claiming she is carrying Cry-Baby’s baby. Allison is shocked and devastated as Cry-Baby is dragged away, screaming.  

Act Two

The curtain rises on Mrs. Vernon Williams’ picturesque brick home. Allison appears on the balcony with her hair in disarray and longing for Cry-Baby while, simultaneously, Cry-Baby and the other jailbirds sing of their misfortunes (“Misery, Agony, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Heartache and Woe”). Baldwin and the Whiffles interrupt Allison and inform her that they will be singing at a brand new theme park, Star-Spangled Funland for the Fourth of July. Allison feigns interest and agrees to sing with them.  Mrs. Vernon Williams finds Allison weeping and tries to cheer her up (“Misery, Agony, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Heartache and Woe – Reprise”).

Baldwin and Lenora meet, shopping for wedding rings at a local jewelry store.  They find common ground with their mutual distaste of the other’s love interest (“All in My Head”).

On the prison farm, Dupree and the other prisoners get to work on the license plate presses (“Jailyard Jubilee”). Father Officer O’Brien keeps an eye on various wayward punks as Cry-Baby is shoved on stage. Dupree tries to calm the increasingly furious Cry-Baby after he hears Allison and Baldwin get engaged on the radio. Cry-Baby whisks the prisoners and guards into a frenzy (“A Little Upset”). In the midst of the chaos, Cry-Baby escapes the prison yard to find Allison.

Later that afternoon, Cry-Baby surprises Mrs. Vernon-Williams at her home while searching for Allison. Sirens are heard in the distance and Mrs. Vernon-Williams helps Cry-Baby escape. Baldwin, Allison and the Whiffles arrive to retrieve Allison’s baton on the way to Star-Spangled Funland for the Fourth of July celebration. Mrs. Vernon-Williams overhears Baldwin bragging to the Whiffles about starting the fire and framing Cry-Baby. Unsuccessful at alerting Allison, Mrs. Vernon-Williams has a crisis of conscience and wrestles with the past incident (“I Did Something Wrong Once”). She vows to set her wrongdoing right.

Baldwin, Allison and the Whiffles take the stage at Star-Spangled Funland (“Thanks for the Nifty Country”). Judge Stone and Mrs. Vernon-Williams enter, followed quickly by a frantic Cry-Baby. Judge Stone has exonerated Cry-Baby and the Drapes and sentences the true culprit, Baldwin, to hard time. Before Baldwin is carted away to the correctional facility, he challenges Cry-Baby to a musical battle for Allison’s heart (“This Amazing Offer”). Cry-Baby accepts and clearly wins both the battle and Allison’s love (“Do That Again”). Lenora runs in with Cry-Baby’s “baby,” which is just a stuffed teddy bear, and declares that she now loves Baldwin. Mrs. Vernon-Williams offers Cry-Baby an awesome new guitar and invites him to be part of their family. (“Nothing Bad’s Ever Gonna Happen Agan”).