Licensing an MTI Musical

New to Licensing?  New to MTI Australasia? 
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Everything you need to know about doing business with MTI Australasia, from becoming a customer to ordering a perusal script to licensing your musical, is laid out below. 

If you’re interested in learning how to license a Broadway Junior musical, please click here.

Step 1 - Create a Profile

This can be done quickly and simply by clicking here!  You can find the link to Register in the top right hand corner, then click the button show below (Register Your Web Profile).

You’ll then be guided through some simple questions OR you can use an existing Social Media account to fast-track this process.  Should you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or check out our Help section.

With this new Web Profile, you can now: Ask & Answer Questions, Follow Shows, Sell, Rent or Buy in our Community Marketplace.

Step 2 – Find a Show

You can browse all our shows from the Shows tab on the left-hand menu.  For your convenience, they are grouped into Collections, Broadway Junior, Concert Selections & Future Releases.

On each show page, you will find details about that show including: synopsis, character breakdown, price, duration, details of available hire materials, other useful information and… audio files - all at your fingertips!

Step 3 - Request a Perusal

You can request to hire a perusal copy of any of our shows.  This way you can read through and/or listen to make sure it’s right for you.  Perusals are on hire for 4 weeks and can be requested from our Contact Us/Forms page here.  Please note that these scripts usually contain the entire script and vocal lines (and where possible, selections of the Piano/Conductor Score) for a show so you can use this for auditions; however, these perusal cannot be copied or used for rehearsal purposes.

Step 4 – Apply Now

So you’ve decided on the show you’d like to stage – now it’s time to apply for the rights to perform this show.   You can click on the Request License button found on the homepage or each showpage in order to complete the application form online with details of your anticipated performance dates, your theatre's information and seating capacity and your intended ticket prices.  You’ll also be asked to select that dates you’d like to hire your materials.

If your selected show has no restrictions and your production variables have been assessed and approved by our office, we will be in touch with you shortly with details of your License Agreement.

Applying for multiple shows – You may not have made a final decision as yet, but at this stage, please only apply for your First Preference.  If this is not approved for some reason, we will let you know and you can advise of your next preference.

Please note, any presentation of a musical from MTI that takes place in front of an assembly of people (no matter how few) is considered a performance and is royalty-bearing under the law, whether or not admission/ticket prices are charged. This can include "invited" dress rehearsals.  A valid performance license and royalty fee is required for all of these performances. If you have any questions about whether or not a performance may require a royalty, please ask us.

Step 5 – Receive Your License and Invoice(s)

Once we have assessed and approved your application, you will then be issued with a License Agreement (Contract).  This License Agreement is important because it outlines everything you are permitted and not permitted to do with that particular show title. In all of our shows, there are contractual restrictions regarding billing and production, among other things; the License Agreement also outlines your royalty payments and rental fees for that show. 

Depending on the timeline of your production, we will also send an invoice for a Deposit (Security Bond) or Advance Royalty and Hire Fees along with your License Agreement in order for you to secure these rights and receive your hired materials.  Payment can be accepted by cheque, direct deposit or credit card payment.  These Payment Details are sent along with your invoice(s).

Step 6 – Complete License

To secure the rights as outlined in your License Agreement, you need to return the signed License with payment by the advised due date.  If it is not returned as outlined above, show availability and the fees quoted may be withdrawn.  If you decide to change the dates or other details of your production, you should notify us in writing immediately since changes can affect the availability and conditions of your License. 

Once we receive your signed License Agreement and invoice payment(s) in full, we will then process these and prepare to send your materials by your requested dates for hire.  We are not able to send materials prior to all paperwork being completed.  Please note that from the time we receive your completed paperwork, depending on courier demands, your materials may take up to 10 days to arrive. At the conclusion of your show, all of the materials must be shipped back to us (via our partner Hal Leonard Australia).

… A small note about Hired Materials

The materials rented by MTI are the materials that have been provided by the author(s) of the work and are the ONLY authorized materials for rehearsals or performances. We send you EVERYTHING you need to rehearse and perform the show: librettos (scripts), vocal books, piano-conductor scores and orchestra parts. No other materials are required to learn and prepare for the show.


That’s It… It’s Showtime (break a leg!)