Jack Spratt, VC

Jack Spratt, VC
British boarding school friends band together to overcome their fears and challenges.

A story of three friends at two English country schools during World War I, Jack Spratt, VC, is touching, inspiring and a reminder that no challenge exists that the power of friendship can't overcome.

With a crippling phobia of water, Jack Spratt is like a fish out of water at his new school, where swimming is the reining sport of choice. Thanks to his new friends, Maggie and Henry, Jack finds nothing to fear about the water, but not before the chilling revelation of his aversion's origination. Unfortunately, Jack has little time to bask in the glory of his aquatic achievement, for tragedy is soon to befall him and his family.

Jack Spratt, VC, is densely stacked with enthralling characters. An outstanding choice for a group or company looking for unique period pieces, this musical successfully transports audiences to a time in history commonly underrepresented in musical theatre, and has the potential to come to engaging life on nearly any size of stage.


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