Les Petits Rats

Les Petits Rats
Toes are pointed and tensions high as a mother tries to shield her daughter from the dangers of the ballet.

From Jeremy James Taylor and David Scott, the visionary team responsible for Bendigo Boswell, Drake and Captain Stirrick, comes a harrowing tale that is beautifully "en pointe." Les Petit Rats was developed by the National Youth Music Theatre, one of the leading developers of musicals for young performers.

Thanks to an unknown benefactor, Mariette is learning the art of ballet as a member of the Paris Opera children's "corps de ballets," much to the dismay of her mother, Louise. Wishing that she could shield her daughter from the vicious heartbreak and hardships that tend to characterize ballet, Louise struggles to reconcile her fears as Mariette struggles to fit in among the other "Petits Rats." The delicate, fiery dance that the two do comes to a head when Mariette is offered the lead in Cinderella.

Les Petit Rats is a fantastic opportunity to showcase a bevy of talented, young, female performers. It's also a wonderful chance for theatres to team up with a nearby ballet company. Truly, it is through collaboration and the creation of community that art will progress, and Les Petit Rats is a perfect way to do both!


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