Newsies Sets for Sale

  • Newsies Set - 3 Towers + 2 Fire Escapes + Printing Press

We have absolutely everything from Newsies for sale from scenic to props to costumes.

A sample list of what is available for sale:

  1. 3 large towers (large towers are 21’ tall) - built with selling/transport in mind.
  2. 2 fire escapes (SR with 1 ladder, SL with 2 ladders)
  3. Staircase to get up to the fire escape
  4. Flying chalkboard for headline
  5. Medda's Larkin's Theater Procineum and Flyrail
  6. Jack Kelly's Canvas Artwork Pieces
  7. Pultizer's Desk, a Chandelier, 2 Armchairs, Rolling Leather Desk Chair
  8. Wagon
  9. 2 Rolling pieces with stacks of papers
  10. Stacks of Papers (foam) - to toss
  11. Newsies Banner stacks for "Once & for All"

I have shared just a couple of pics (some pics are prior to complete finish) to give you a flavor of what we did with the design but if you are interested please let me know.

For details on individual pieces, email Josh Holowicki (

***Additional notes- towers move upstage and downstage only. They are on a guide track with fixed casters and are also motorized. They can be pushed manually without motors if you don’t want the automated aspect but will need the track to stay on course.

Also towers have motorized screens in each “box” for projection.

If you want to see the show (March 8-10, 14-17) tickets at  Would love to meet anyone who comes!