Mary Poppins

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Mary's costuming: nanny costuming,white Jolly Holiday costuming, bag, umbrella, white boots, hats  Size 6-8

Bert's costuming: screever costuming, Jolly Holiday costuming jacket, slacks, bowtie Size L

2 sided flat/ custom painted kitchen on one side and nursery on the opposite side with sturdy bracing on casters

Mrs. Corry's cart with 2 shelves underneath on casters

5 custom plinths for statues

5 custom plinthes for sweeps

custom build staircase for the Steps of St. Paul "Feed the Birds" feature

60' of custom carved and painted London Skyline with sturdy bracing

2 beds for the Banks' nursery/ custom carved and painted

25 sweep brooms

20 custom carved kites covered with fabric 10 small/ 10 large

small props for the entire show

photos available upon request at