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Moana Packing List

-Chief Tui:  red/black print sarong, Carmel sleeveless t-shirt, black and red feather headpiece, arm band, tooth necklace

-Maui: leaf embellished sarong, Carmel sleeveless t-shirt, headband with leaf

Embellishment, leaf collar

-Villagers:  3 sets knit tops, skirts, grass skirt wraps, flower crowns

-Male ancestors: 2 black/white print sarongs with white tank tops, white flower crowns and leis

-Female ancestors: 4 black/white print pareas with white camisoles, white flower crowns, and leis

-Gramma Tala: 1 orange dress, 1 sarong style wrap with raffia accent, shell with pearl necklace, orange flower hair clip, white ancestor flower crown and lei

-Hei-Hei: 1 pair print shorts, 1 sleeveless brick colored t-shirt, feather collar, print tie-on head band

-Ocean ensemble: 6 leotards with sheer blue skirts, flower crowns (1 missing), 12 Blue fans

-Sina: red/black dress with attached raffia peplum, carved white flower necklace, red flower hair clip

-Shiny ensemble:  2 pair gold sequin gloves, 3 pair silver sequin gloves

                             1 purple set of shorts/sequin vest

-Left/right claw: 2 each gold lame’ jackets, gold sequin skirts, turquoise sequin bow ties, gold foam claws

-Moana: 1red tank top with shell embellishment, 1 red skirt with raffia skirt 

                             Accent, 1 white linen sarong wrap, red flower hair clip

-Pua: 2 piece peach print crop top/skirt with fringe, 2 peach flower hair clips

-TeFiti: green long dress with applied silk flowers, flower embellished head crown with green ribbons/flowers, 2 Green Fans

-TeKa: black full-length tulle skirt with flame netting detail, flame print crop to, flame Mohawk headpiece, 2 Red/Orange/yellow fans

-Maui ensemble: 5 leaf crowns