Disaster! the Musical Props and Puppets

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"All right now. Baby, it's all right now."

It's all right, GiGi's Workshop is your one-stop-shop for all your Disaster needs! This total package features everything thing you need to make your "Disaster!" perfect! Sharks, piranhas, rats...oh my!

Included in the "Basic Rental" are 3 piranha fish puppets, 1 fish that gets eaten by the piranha, piranha-eaten hand, 2 shark arms, Levora's "Baby" (dog), severed hands and foot, Ben/Lisa dummy, man dummy, 2 shark fins, rat puppet, rat "blanket" for actor to appear eaten, and Ben hands/Lisa hands.

The "Deluxe Rental" package is currently only available for local pick-up in the DFW area. This includes the slot machine, slot machine handle “wound”, "Wheel of Doom" (wheel that features people being tossed), and construction worker puppet legs. Local area rentals can also hire Gabrielle to 'puppet' their shows.

Go to www.gigisworkshop.com/contact/ to book your "Disaster!" props and puppets! Visit www.gigisworkshop.com for more information.