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We have a complete SHREK set for sale.  We closed 4/6/19 and are planning to take apart 4/27/19  BEAUTIFUL set, props, Ogre hands and a few ears.  I have a Shrek shack that he busts out of, Swamp signs, Duloc castle, Fiona's Tower, Storybook for opening complete with scrim that has the opening words printed on it, barn that has a printed scrim on it, cathedral stained glass window, four 12' tall tress that can be installed on tracks to move with your choreography, foliage drops, wagon that can be interchanged with bush scene to hide donkey for his entrance, sunflower field for Travel Song, and horse for Farquaad.  GORGEOUS suitcases for storybook characters, each made to match the character, swamp buckets for shrek, stumps, Snuthers, stuffed Donkey to fall from fly space, bridge for the Dragon's Keep, storybooks for Fiona's tower, candleabras for catherdral scene.  I basically have your entire set and props, all you have to do is come pick it up.  We are in Greenville, SC.  I"m happy to send pics if you send me an email.  I hate for this to not be used again.  It does not look like a high school set.  Exceptionally beautiful.