Audrey II Plants & Props for Rent

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  • Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Puppets for Rent + MORE

So you decided to put on Little Shop of Horrors this season at your theater or school. Now it hits you, "Where are we going to get Audrey II plants?" 

Instead of trying to build your own, rent Audrey II and almost every prop you need for the show from MurFX. 

These soft, lightweight, puppets are very easy to use by a professional or a high school student. They have been nominated for NJ Perry Awards for Props. And with your rental you get something special - rental includes 4 hours of in-person or zoom training on how to operate the plants, and how to get the most out of them in your production. 

In addition to the plants you get most of the props you need for the show including a Dentist Chair!

Prices shown do not include shipping, (I no longer ship or deliver). Most theatres come to my location in NJ with a small step van to pickup and return everything. 

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