Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car Rental

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

Uncategorical! Phantasmical!
3/4" scale Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car!

Gorgeous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car is available for rental! Perfect to give your production the WOW! Factor you are looking for! Custom designed and professionally-built to bring Chitty to life on your stage safely. Here are some key features:

  •   Complete car that seats 2 kids and 2 adults. This car is the real deal!

  •   Fully remote control movements of the car; forward, reverse, side-ways and rotate.

  •   Battery and pneumatically powered. No wires or cables when it’s operating on stage.

  •   Wheels tilt and spin both forward and reverse while down or tilted.

  •   Working, extending wings.

  •   Working headlights.

  •   Steel frame construction with wood and metal body.

  •   Car elevates in the back approximately 24in.

  •   Wheels, elevations and wings controlled through remote.


  • $1500 per week
  • Pott's Machines and Costumes are also available.  Ask about package deals!
  • Visit or call 630-258-3293 for your custom quote

Shipping Options are available. All costs for shipping are the responsibility of the Renter

  •   Chitty must be trailered in our covered trailer or equivalent

  •   Renter can pick up and return (Renter cost)

  •   Chitty can be delivered and picked up by Overshadowed (negotiated charges)

  •   Weight: 1600 lbs.

  •   Dimensions: 13' L x 5'2” W x 5' H

  •   Training is mandatory and included for all operators

  •   Pick-Up Zip Code: Schaumburg, IL 60173

  •   Pick-Up & Drop-Off Requirements will be discussed in detail for a customized  plan. The car can drive on and off the trailer on its own at ground level

  •   Requires 120Vac for charging and 120 psi to pressurize onboard air tanks.

  •   Requires 2 operators to operate; one for driving, the other for wheels, wings and elevation.



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