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45 Ape costumes available to own from our recent production of Tarzan in Michigan. Sizes range from small child to plus size adult. Terk, Kala and Kerchak also included. 

The base of the costumes cost much more than this total, not too mention the layers and layers of fringe fabric and hundreds of hours of work. The fringe "fur" detail is glued (not sewn) due to the multitude of layers on each costume. Because of this, we are offering this deal!

Costumes have been worn for 3 rehearsals and 8 performances. Wigs are sold separately but will be offered at a significant disount to anyone who purchases the costumes (44 wigs available- No Kala). 

The pants are all designed the same but the tops have a variety of style to compliment different ages/body types. The design is also easy to adjust (add more color/layers etc). I am happy to provide the purchaser with details of were we purchased the fringe fabric (they have many more color options as well). 

Please feel free to message me with any questions. 

Thank you!