Moana Jr Costumes

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Moana Jr. Costume Set Available!

We are a small studio and understand that smaller companies need a little financial leeway in renting costumes! We rent our costumes based upon a "fair and reasonable" basis after talking with YOU. Please email for more information! Phoenix Performing Arts Center, LLC.

Available for Moana Jr are the following costumes ("fits all" sizing unless specified!)

Moana - Female, small; also Female medium 

Maui - wigs only

Te Fiti - includes handmade wig!

Te Ka




Ocean Ensemble


Tamatoa - Female XL or Male L includes claws attached to costume and legs (minus the one Maui ate!). Claws weight approx. 10 pounds and are carryable by young children with handles. Complete costume plus hat!

Gate Monster - carryable prop piece


Rental Rate is based upon length of time. Shipping both ways is your responsibility along with cleaning prior to return. Return due back 14 days after you close. Email for more information! Phoenix Performing Arts Center, LLC