Annie Costumes, Props, Sets for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

We are a non-profit in Los Angeles, CA. We can ship costumes and props, but sets must be picked up in San Dimas, CA. We usually ask $75 for lead looks (top, bottom, wig, accessories) and $15-$50 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300. Please email with a list of items you are requesting for best price quote. Contact us for availability. Top Billing Entertainment 626-675-4439 

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Backdrops came from Grosh.


Annie (size youth s-m) orphan outfit with red sweater, red dress with white collar, red Christmas dress, red coat, orange curly wig

Hannigan (size adult s-m) red and black dress, red sweater, green dress, fur coat

Grace (size adult s-m) various looks, full length coat

Warbucks (size adult m-l) various suits, tuxedo, and full length coat

Lilly (size adult m-xl) black sequin gown, fur coat, "mom" dress with apron

Rooster (size adult s-m) blue suit with boater skimmer hat, overalls, plaid shirt, fake beard

Sandy (size child s-m) tan fur costume

Lead Servants (size child m-adult xl) various black and white semi-formal attire

Servants (size child m-adult xl)  – white chef shirts, black poof pants, chef hats with gold band, black and white maid dresses, gold shawls, white hats with lace

Orphans & Hooverville People (size child xs-adult xl) various jumpers, shirts, pantaloons, sweaters, aprons, vests, pants, head kerchiefs, jackets, hats

NYC People (size child m-adult xl) various jackets, hats, semi-formal looks

Dogcatcher & Bundles (size child m-adult s) jumpsuit and hat

Police (size child l-adult xl) navy pants, skirt, jacket, hat

White gowns with red velvet sashes and bows and formal vests for boys for orphans at the end

Props & Sets

Large Radio

Antique Wheelchair

Old Timey Microphone

2 Old Timey Phones

Small Counter for Radio Show

Wall of Hannigan’s Office/Wall of Warbuck’s Office

Lounge Chair for Hannigan

Red Chair for Warbucks


Small radio on stand

Large Christmas Tree

Rolling blue table

Large rolling laundry bin



Buckets, rags, mops

3 small beds

4 wooden chairs

6 formal chairs

4 rolling platforms 4’x8’

Stair case

Apple crate


Need something not listed, just let us know.