Aladdin/Aladdin Junior Full Show Costume Lot and Props

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Aladdin-Fez, Vest, Pants with Belt, Shoes, Satchel, Bread and Lamp

Prince Ali- Embellished Kurta with Attached Cape, Belt, Pants, Turban, Shoes

Jasmine- Two Piece, Top and Pant Outfit Adorned with Jewels and Beading, Shoes, Market Disguise Cloak and Shawl, Wig

Genie- Satin Shirt with Attached Gold Cuffs and Neck, Embellished Belt, Pants, and Vest, Velvet and Jeweled Turban, Shoes, Beard (Included Magic Tricks, Sleeve Bouquet, 2 Dove Pans with Collapsible Cake and Cupcake, Collapsible Champagne Bottle)

Jafar- Red and Black Transforming Cloak, Hat, Snake Staff, White Sultan Cloak, Beard (Evil Genie Lamp)

Iago- Beaded and Tasseled Top, Adorned Belt, Pants, Shoes, Fez, Blue Undershirt

Sultan- Long Sleeve White Satin Shirt, Jeweled and Embellished Cape attached to High Neck Vest, Belt, Gold Pants, Turban Shoes, Beard

Babkak, Omar, Kassim- 3 Detailed Vests with Coordinating Shirts, Sashes/Belt, Pants, Shoes-

3 White Kurtas, Gold Belts, Satin Pants, Gold Beaded/Feathered Turbans, Shoes

Mystics/Fortune Tellers- 3 Peasant Tops, Belly Dance Hip Scarf, Sash, or Corset, All With Coordinating Red, Black and Gold Shimmering/Sparking Bottoms (Props Included- Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball)

Prince Abdullah- Turban, Detailed Vest with Coordinating Belt and Pants

Guards- 3 Vests with Matching Turbans, Pants and Sashes (Metal Scimitar Swords)

4 Gold Sequin Dancer Tops with Attached Gold Harem Pants

4 Purple and Gold Belly Dancer Tops with Skirted Bottoms

4 Pink and Gold Attendant Costumes

5 Peacock Costumes with Sequin Tops, Harem Pants with Attached Tails, and Peacock Masks 

Various Prince Ali "Parade" Props- Purple Peacocks, Golden Camels, Feathered Fans, Ali Banner, Inflatable Elephant

Cave of Wonders Gold and Jewel Decor, Panther Cave Entrance 

Variety of Market/Village Costumes and Props for Ensemble of 10-15 Members, Vendor Cart

Magic Carpet & Lift- Made by certified welder of iron, base on wheels for free movement across stage, lifts 6 ft in air, use with black light to create flying illusion.  See video for demo. See