Aladdin Jr. Set Rental

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  • Aladdin Moon
  • Aladdin Cave of Wonders
  • Aladdin Jasmine's Balcony
  • Aladdin Cave of Wonders Entrance
  • Aladdin Palace
  • Aladdin Market Place

Make it Your Broadway Your Way with sets specifically designed for Junior productions by a company that has designed and built parts for countless Broadway productions.

Aladdin Jr. Sets include six complete scenes:

The Marketplace , The Palace, Jasmine's Balcony, Flying Carpet Sky, Cave of Wonders Entrance and the Cave of Wonders

Each scene includes either two or four 4x9 panels on casters to allow for easy scene changes. The panels are double sided to accommodate the flow of your production. They are lightweight to be easily moved by a younger stage crew yet sturdy enough to endure the wear and tear of a full production.

Messenger service is offered within 175 miles of Philadelphia, PA. All other rentals will ship VIA freight in containers that can be easily unloaded into any theatre.