MTI's All Together Now!

MTI's All Together Now!

A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre

Get ready to perform this brand-new musical revue FREE-OF-CHARGE during the weekend of November 12 - 15, 2021

MTI's All Together Now!: A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre is an opportunity for schools and theatres around the world to locally produce and perform an exclusive musical revue featuring songs from MTI's beloved shows.

MTI's All Together Now! will be entirely free-of-charge to license with no royalty or rental fees. Your organization may license MTI's All Together Now! as a fundraiser for your theatre and perform it live, streamed, or a combination of both over a four-day period from November 12 - 15, 2021.

The revue features 15 slots for musical performances with multiple song options per slot, so theatres have flexibility with how they present the show. The option to choose from two or three fantastic songs for each slot allows producers to tailor the show to best fit their artistic/creative vision, the talents of their cast, and the composition of their audience.

List of songs announced! Check out the show order and song list! 

Listen to the available songs below:


ALL of the information you need to license the revue will be available on this site in mid-June.

Meet our valued partners and creative team.

FAQs: All Together Now!

Can I choose my own songs?
In certain sections of the revue, we've provided alternative songs you can perform in that slot to give you greater flexibility. Only the songs provided by MTI have been cleared for use. 

Is registration or a performance license required?
Yes. More information about licensing the revue will be coming soon, but the revue will be entirely free-of-charge to license with no royalty or rental fees.

Will streaming be available?
Yes, you can choose to Live Stream your production. Streaming can only happen during the weekend of the event.

Is ShowTix4U required for streaming?
No. You are allowed to use whatever streaming platform you choose.

Will there be tracks available?
Yes. We will be making Performance Accompaniment Recordings available for all of the songs in the revue.

Will MTI be the point person for collecting donations? How will MTI distribute the money?
MTI will not collect any money. This event is designed as a fundraiser for individual organizations to administer. Each individual organization will sell tickets and collect money for themselves.

Will I need to create set s and costumes?
You will not be required to use any sets or costumes. ATN is designed to be as flexible as you need, from street clothes to black tie and everything in between.

What happens if I already have a production on my stage?
This is a fundraiser and is designed to be done on any stage with minimal sets and costumes.

What happens if there are multiple theatre s in the community?
This is a community event. We suggest you partner with other local theatres, pool your resources, and produce the revue at a larger venue (maybe at a Performing Arts Center for example), then share the proceeds.

Do we get to choose the weekend?
No, the revue will only be available to be performed over one specific weekend.

If I am unable to do the show on the specified weekend, due to a conflict or due to covid, is there any chance of doing it another weekend?
No, unfortunately, rights are only available for performances on the specified weekend.

How many performance s are we allowed to do?
You are allowed to perform the revue as many times as you like during the 4-day period.

What is the running time for the revue?
Approximately 70 minutes.

Can I choose my own ticket prices?
Yes. Each organization can determine the amount to charge for tickets. MTI will not be collecting any royalties or fees.

What do we do if we already have a production running?
Consider adding an ATN performance before or after your current production, or slot it in at some point during the weekend.

What marketing assistance will be available?
MTI will provide a marketing toolkit to help, but marketing and selling tickets to the revue is the responsibility of each organization.

Are groups allowed to have sponsors?
Yes! MTI will provide guidelines on the types of companies your theatre can solicit as sponsors, but this is like any other fundraiser/event you may be used to producing.

Will there be Transpositions on Demand available?
We will not be offering Transpositions on Demand for the songs in the revue.

How are materials delivered?
All materials will be delivered digitally.


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