Welcome to MTI Australasia's New Website!

Welcome to MTI Australasia's New Website!

By Nikol McKail on May 18, 2017

Welcome to mtishows.com.au

... a new place to call home

Welcome to the new Australasian home for Music Theatre International.  We are honoured to be able to offer this localised website, where you can find the latest information on special events and all the details you need for the shows in our catalogue.  

Localising the offering of the U.S. website, we’ve kept the best features from all of MTI’s different websites and social media channels to provide you with the ultimate musical theatre experience all in one place - and tailored specifically for Australasia!  Connecting with members of our theatrical community and licensing a musical is now easier than it has ever been.
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Continuing to Provide You with Great Support and Service in our Region
We are priviliged to continue working with our friends at Hal Leonard Australia to offer you a complete licensing solution.  From answering your general enquiries through to licensing support and dispatch of materials - our team can do it all.

Web Profile - Participating in Our Theatrical Community
Take advantage of all the exciting interactive features on our new website by creating a Web Profile.  Your Web Profile makes you a member of our theatrical community where you can ask and answer questions, “Follow” shows, and participate in our Community Marketplace (being launched in the coming months).  To apply for shows or request perusals, you do not need to have a Web Profile.
The home of MTI’s 30-minute and 60-minute musicals for young performers is now part of our main site.  Here you will find details on all the shows, including Show Support, Audition Materials and information on our Junior Theatre Project. You can also listen to audio tracks from these shows and Download them for FREE!
For a detailed explanation of all new site features with screenshots and instructions, read What's New on the Website.