Quilt, A Musical Celebration
A thoughtful and moving collage of stories and songs for, from and about the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Quilt, A Musical Celebration, is a unique and affecting work that uses the power of musical theatre to celebrate and remember both those who died from AIDS and those who have survived or been left behind. Based on true stories from friends and loved ones who were left behind, the musical is a living history for a new generation.

The structure of the musical, Quilt, A Musical Celebration, mirrors the structure of the actual NAMES Project Quilt by incorporating many individual stories into a tapestry that tells the whole story. The stories of two volunteers on the project – Wes, who is making a panel for someone very dear whom he has lost, and Karen, who is nervous about participating but wants to do something – create a framework that supports the telling of stories reflected in a variety of other quilt panels. In monologues and songs, Quilt, A Musical Celebration, evokes a full range of powerful emotions, as so many lives are honored.

Quilt, A Musical Celebration's, educational qualities have been embraced by many schools. Minimal band, set and cast requirements and a flexible running order make it perfect for theatres of any size, as well as for benefit or concert performances. The large, diverse cast creates opportunities for actors and students of all ages and backgrounds to participate.



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