Scrooge, The Stingiest Man in Town

Scrooge, The Stingiest Man in Town
A lavish and highly entertaining adaptation of Charles Dickens' beloved classic.

No holiday season is complete without a retelling of Dickens' beloved A Christmas Carol, and what better way to enjoy the classic story of "goodwill toward men" than with the lavish, enchanting musical adaptation, Scrooge, The Stingiest Man in Town.

With the goose and holly of a Victorian Christmas surrounding him, miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge rejects the companionship of his fellow men and women for the sterile pleasure of gold. He is saved from this loveless life by the intercession of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, who take him on a fantastic trip through the times of his life and show him a glimpse of the tragic future that awaits him should he not mend his ways. In the end, a transformed Scrooge realizes that "mankind should be my business" and that one little boy is of greater weight than all of the gold in his strongbox.

With a jaunty, melodious score, lots of dancing and a large cast that includes several children and one of the more irresistible lead roles ever, Scrooge, The Stingiest Man in Town is a warmhearted holiday treat for all!


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