Full Billing


Based on the Twentieth Century Fox film


You must give the authors/creators billing credits, as specified in the Licence Agreement, in a conspicuous manner on the first page of credits in all programs and on house-boards, displays and in all other advertising announcements of any kind. You agree to supply to the Licensor full details of all such material for Licensor’s approval prior to printing and distribution and supply two (2) copies of the program after printing.
Percentages listed indicate required type size in relation to title size.
9 TO 5
Music and Lyrics by
Dolly Parton  
Book by
Patricia Resnick 
Based on the 20th Century Fox Picture
Originally produced on Broadway by Robert Greenblatt, April 2009
The following credits shall appear substantially in the following form in a size and boldness of type equal in all respects to the size and boldness of type of the billing accorded to the designer credit:
Arrangements and
Additional Orchestrations


Such billing shall be accorded wherever and whenever the names of the designers of the play (or any one of them) are accorded billing, including (without limitation) in theatre programs, souvenir brochures, theatre displays, production websites and paid advertising.
In advertisements of 1/8 page size or less the following "shortened billing" is permissible:
9 TO 5

Video Warning

If you purchase a separate license to allow non-commercial video recording of this production, you must print the following in your program. ANY VIDEO RECORDING MADE OF THIS PERFORMANCE IS AUTHORIZED FOR PERSONAL, AT-HOME, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. THE SALE OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH RECORDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNDER FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAW. If you do not purchase the separate license for video recording, you must print the following in your program. The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited