The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules
Peter Parnell, adapted from the novel by John Irving

PART ONE: HERE IN ST. CLOUD'S. Homer Wells is born in St. Cloud's, Maine and is returned so many times by so many foster families that he becomes the "boy who belonged to St. Cloud's." His medical education begins when he finds out that Dr. Larch saves not only babies, but mothers, too—by performing illegal abortions when necessary. Homer becomes Larch's brilliant medical apprentice, but the arrival of the handsome Wally Worthington and his beautiful girlfriend, Candy Kendall, sets Homer's mind and heart spinning—and sends him out into the world to experience life for the first time.

PART TWO: IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD. The aging Dr. Larch and his two nurses, Edna and Angela, try to keep the orphanage going while scheming to get Homer Wells to return, as Homer meets the world of the apple farm run by young Wally and finds himself drawn closer to Candy. The Second World War changes all three of their lives forever. A clandestine love affair, a new generation of lovers and a realization of what it means to truly be "of use," force Homer to finally make a choice about his heart and his home.


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