The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro Boys
This powerful musical is based on the true story of nine young men in a landmark case that helped give rise to the civil rights movement and changed history.

The thrilling, final collaboration by musical theatre greats, John Kander and Fred Ebb (The World Goes 'Round), The Scottsboro Boys has been hailed as one of the most visionary pieces ever to grace the Broadway stage. Nominated for twelve Tony Awards, The Scottsboro Boys confronts an infamous event in the history of the American criminal justice system.

In 1931, nine black men were ripped from a train in Alabama and accused of rape by two white women. Hauled to jail without a shred of actual evidence against them, The Scottsboro Boys were rushed through trial procedures, found guilty and sentenced to death. What occurred in the years following the trials was a harrowing tale of bravery and strength in the face of great adversity.

The Scottsboro Boys is haunting and courageous, grappling with tough themes that still affect our society. Whether presented in an intimate setting or in a larger theater, this show will touch every audience member. With its brilliant stew of performance styles and piercing new songs, it is truly a triumph of the American Musical Theatre.


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