Sound of Plaid: Forever Plaid

The Sound of Plaid: The Glee Club Version of Forever Plaid
The cult hit is brilliantly rearranged for high schools and glee clubs to allow for larger cast sizes.

Forever Plaid has become a huge hit around the world and a favorite among audiences everywhere. Community theatres have come to love the four-character show that is easy to produce and always elicits a great audience response. Now for high schools and glee clubs comes a show that manages to be old and new at the same time: The Sound of Plaid. Building upon the characters and songs from Forever Plaid, The Sound of Plaid features a flexible cast size made up of both male and female performers.

The premise of The Sound of Plaid is similar to Forever Plaid: In 1960s America, friends who met in the audiovisual club form a student choral group. When they discover that their high school music program was going to be cut from the curriculum, they decide to do a benefit to raise money. On the way to pick up their custom made plaid tuxedos and skirts, their bus is struck by lightning. Although The Sound of Plaid members are taken from this planet, through the Power of Harmony and the Expanding Holes in the Ozone Layer (and other astro-technical stuff), they are allowed to come back to perform the show that they never got to do in life.

Featuring classic songs and warm, funny characters, The Sound of Plaid is a great new twist on a familiar favorite, and a perfect choice for any theatre looking to do a "big, little show."


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