Working - Localized Version

Working - Localized Version
Your own community plays a role in this personalized version of Working

Based on Studs Terkel's best-selling book of interviews with American workers, Working paints a vivid portrait of the workers that the world so often takes for granted: the schoolteacher, the phone operator, the waitress, the millworker, the mason, and the housewife, just to name a few. Nominated for six Tony Awards, this classic has been updated for a modern age, featuring songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stephen Schwartz, Craig Carnelia, James Taylor, Micki Grant, and more.

This localized version of Working gives theatres the opportunity to add voices from their own community to their production. The Director's Script and Production Guide provided with this version show where these voices can be added along with two optional extra songs and transitions. While most of the professions have been updated, the show, still set in contemporary America, contains timeless truths. Behind every job, there is a person with a story to tell.

With extremely modest set and orchestra requirements, universal subject matter, and featuring a diverse ensemble cast of variable size, Working is one of the most accessible, relevant and substantive musicals ever created. 

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