Disney's Aladdin JR.

Disney's Aladdin JR.
Discover "A Whole New World" with this magically updated version of the Academy Award-winning Disney classic!

Disney’s Aladdin JR. is based on the 1992 Academy-Award®-winning film and the 2014 hit Broadway show about the “diamond in the rough” street rat who learns that his true worth lies deep within.

The story you know and love has been given the royal treatment! Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character. With expanded characters, new songs, and more thrills, this new adaptation of the beloved story will open up “a whole new world” for your young performers!

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Questions & Answers

August 07, 2018
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Making copies of script

i am directing Aladdin Jr for Webb bridge middle school in Alpharetta, Georgia. The school has purchased the show packet including an extra 30 scripts. We know that we will need to use some of those scripts for the stage manager, lighting and sound engineer. Would it be ok for us to photocopy the directors script so that we can fit them into ringed binders for easier use backstage?  The books are too small to write in all the directions and so not stay open. Thank you. Amy Creamer

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January 18, 2018
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Old Version

Does this mean the original version with "WHY ME?" for Jafar is no longer available?  While I love this new script, I did enjoy Jafar's song.  I've done Aladdin Jr. twice -- it's a great choice for Middle Schools!


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