A Message from MTI Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Message from MTI Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

MTI is working diligently to make sure we can respond to your questions and inquiries in light of the Coronavirus COVID-19. Our first priority is the safety of our customers and their organizations as well as our staff and partners.

We have gathered some information that we hope will help clarify our policies and inform your decisions moving forward. Please check back here for updates:

FAQ - Cancellations and Postponements

TO POSTPONE YOUR PRODUCTION: Please send an email with your updated dates to your Licensing Representative or to enquiries@mtishows.com.au . In most cases, we can waive any additional rental time. While we cannot anticipate every circumstance, we do not expect that any such rescheduling requests will be denied unless a proposed "new" performance date cannot be allowed due to a pre-existing restriction.

TO CANCEL YOUR PRODUCTION: Please send an email informing us of your need to cancel, due to the circumstances. Materials should be returned as soon as possible to enable the largest refund of unused hire fees and advanced royalties. Shipping and handling costs cannot be refunded if you have already received your rehearsal materials, however, cancellation fees will be waived.

FAQ - Streaming Performances

At this time, we can offer a limited license to stream certain shows for amateur productions that were licensed before March 12, 2020. (All organizations with Professional bookings must contact their MTI account rep for permission and guidelines.)

Please email enquiries@mtishows.com.au for available titles.

Please note: MTI may not be able to permit streaming for many of our shows. However, MTI and our authors and rightsholders are working collaboratively to make as many shows available for streaming as possible.

FAQ - User Generated Content / Fan Videos

We at MTI always appreciate the incredibly entertaining and uplifting videos witnessed online and on social media, especially over these last few weeks.

While we encourage you to continue sharing your gifts and talents, we ask that you please read these User Generated Content Guidelines for some great suggestions on getting the most out of your Fan Video. Please tag #NoOneIsAloneChallenge, @mtishows and @MTIAustralasia.

FAQ - Contact

In these stressful times, we want you to know that MTI Australasia will continue to be here for you. We have transferred our work from our office into our homes. So whilst we can no longer answer your phone calls, we're here and ready for all your email enquiries.

We are working hard to get through all inquiries and we want to thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions regarding how COVID-19 affects your show, Please email enquiries@mtishows.com.au

Message from Managing Director, Stuart Hendricks

March 16, 2020

Dear customers, 

"The Show Must Go On!" Since the 19th century this has been the rallying cry of producers, directors and performers across the country and around the world. The mantra reflects the theatre community's commitment to persevere in the face of challenging circumstances and has been widely adopted by other industries as well. Since 1952, Music Theatre International (MTI) has been serving customers involved in all levels of theatre production (e.g., schools, community theatres, professional groups) who adhere to this philosophy. MTI itself makes every effort to satisfy its customers' needs regardless of the circumstances. We take our responsibility very seriously to support your presentation of live theatre by licensing and delivering the scripts and scores used in the performance of tens of thousands of shows each year. 

The current Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis has presented circumstances that are unprecedented in our lifetime. Like most people around the world, we at MTI have been monitoring news outlets and government sites in order to stay apprised of the situation. Being a global company, MTI has taken precautions at our multiple office locations in order to best protect our employees by following the recommendations of healthcare professionals, the Australian Government, and the corresponding agencies in other countries. We know that our customers have been working similarly to determine the best course of action in light of the specific circumstances in their communities.

Not surprisingly, several customers have contacted MTI to ask for advice regarding their upcoming productions. Notwithstanding the mantra stated above, it should go without saying that nothing is more important than the health and safety of your cast, crew, production team, audience and community. Whether due to the risks posed by the Coronavirus or any other cause, if people cannot safely perform a show or attend a performance, common sense dictates that they should not do so. Each community has been differently impacted and each producer, artistic director, principal, or teacher with decision-making authority must determine whether the show should proceed as scheduled or if it should be postponed until a later date. The ramifications of announcing a postponement may seem daunting, and at very least disappointing to many, but nothing is worth risking people's health and safety. In some parts of this country, schools and universities have been closed and certain public events have been cancelled; elsewhere, it is "business as usual." Assessing the situation with your colleagues, production team, board (if any) and all other stakeholders in your production will allow you to make the best decision possible.

Given the many factors that need to be considered, MTI is not in a position to make that decision for our customers. What MTI can do is respond to our customers' needs as best we can. Our customer representatives are here to answer questions and, where necessary, process changes to existing licenses. (As with most industries, our call and email volume is up dramatically, so we do ask for your patience as we work to address everyone's needs. We also ask that you hold off on inquiries and requests that are not time-sensitive). While there may be pre-existing conflicts or restrictions when rescheduling your performances, we will do what we can to minimize the impact on your organization and your production.

We are hopeful that the coming days will offer more clarity into the nature and scope of this situation. On a personal note, we at MTI consider our customers an extension of the MTI Family and we take enormous pride in the role we play for our customers and the authors we represent. We offer you our sincere wishes that you, your friends, and your family remain safe and healthy during this crisis.

Whether now or at a later date, the show must indeed go on and MTI will be here to help make your experience as smooth and memorable as possible.


Stuart Hendricks 
Music Theatre International (Australasia) 
Managing Director

Drew Cohen
President & CEO
Music Theatre International