The Ant and the Elephant

The Ant and the Elephant
Based on the classic children's book, comes the family musical about the power of one "good deed."

The elephant is the kindest animal in the jungle, rescuing the giraffe, lion and rhino, but who will return the favor when the elephant needs help? Based on Aesop's fable and created by the creative team behind The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, The Ant and the Elephant is a charming morality tale, perfectly suited for young audiences.

A tiny ant finds himself in trouble — stranded in the middle of a river, clinging precariously to a blade of grass. One by one, the animals of the jungle refuse to help, and so begins a cycle of misfortune and misdeeds that is not broken until a kindly elephant arrives, providing help to all in need. But the elephant has a different problem: pride. When misfortune befalls the big elephant, will anyone remember his good deeds and return the favor? The most unlikely of heroes proves that one good turn definitely deserves another.

From Dumbo to 101 Dalmatians, Bill Peet was one of Walt Disney's greatest storymen, responsible for illustrating, storyboarding and producing many of the greatest animated features of all time. His books have brought storytelling to children for over 40 years, and, now, The Ant and the Elephant brings Peet's unique version of this Aesop fable to life onstage.

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