If we haven’t answered your question below, please contact our office to speak to a licensing representative. We are dedicated to your convenience.

If you are running QLab on MacOS Yosemite (10.10) or higher, you may download the MTI Player for QLab directly from player.mtishows.com/macapp at no additional charge.

Certain edits can be made to the existing Performance Accompaniment Recordings. All guidelines and instructions can be found on the Edit Sheet, located in your Organization Profile at the website player.mtishows.com/production.

Once you log in with your Organization Username and Password, simply click on your show's title and a Documents Page will appear. Here, you will find both the Cue Sheet and Edit Sheet for your musical. Please read the submission instructions carefully to ensure you receive your edits correctly and promptly. Once the edit sheet is completed, you can email the completed edit sheet as a Word Doc or PDF attachment to player@mtishows.com to submit your edits.

  • The customer may request a cancellation and receive a full refund seven (7) days or less after the initial purchase.
  • The customer may request a cancellation and receive a partial refund eight (8) to thirty-one (31) days after the initial purchase. Within this period, the product pricing will be set to $350.00.
  • Thirty-one (31) days or more after the initial purchase, no refund or request for cancellation will be accepted.

Please Note for REHEARSAL TRACKS ONLY: After the initial purchase, the customer will have one week to review the software. If within the first seven days, they request a refund, a full refund will be granted. If outside of the first seven days, a fee of $50 will be collected for cancellation.

Because this is recorded material, the better the system, the better the music will play back. We have taken great care in optimizing the tracks for all playback systems. We can assure you that, whatever system you use, our tracks will perform as well as possible.

You will need to mix two channels of audio (The Sound Track) with the stage performers. The only other thing you will need is a playback operator. That will do it.

The resource expires on midnight of your final performance.

Rehearsal tracks are available immediately after purchase and contain the same exact orchestrations as the Performance tracks, but are copyright protected with intermittent Voice Overs to ensure they are not used for performances.

Performance tracks are available two months prior to your performance.  

The music tracks can be accessed through our free app, The MTI Player. You can download our app from the iTunes Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).

Any tracks played through the app are downloaded to your device through a WiFi connection. Once they are downloaded, you no longer need a WiFi signal or Internet access to play the tracks.

Production Tracks can only be played on Apple devices (iPod Touch, iPad 2 or above, or iPhone 4 or above with an iOS of 7.0 or later). 

Rehearsal Tracks can be played on most Apple devices and select Android devices. Rehearsal tracks can also be streamed through the Internet (Note: you will always need Internet access for the streaming option).

Orders for Scenic Projections can be cancelled and receive a full refund up to the start of the projections license period or until the download of the product. For more information or to request an order cancellation, please contact Broadway Media directly by emailing aus@broadwaymedia.com. or using this form.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at Broadway Media at aus@broadwaymedia.com 

You will receive an email from Broadway Media with your account details, where you can download your software and media files.

1. Give yourself some time with the projection content away from the stage.

Scenic ProjectionsTM packages are uniquely aligned to your script: each image or video segment is tied to a specific cue line. This makes integration of digital scenery into your production incredibly simple. Scenic ProjectionsTM packages are customizable and include many cue options to select from to produce the perfect scenery for your show - these can be something as simple as a lighting change or the sun setting.

If you decide that a certain element is best omitted to match your artistic vision, it is easy to exclude it .We recommend that you take full advantage of the provided pre-production rehearsal materials and give yourself the time necessary to really look through everything. For best results, we suggest going through the script and digital scenery content side by side, deciding where you want each moment to happen along the way.

2. Consider the integration of other production elements, like costume design, lights and makeup.

When going through the content, whether you have already purchased or are pursuing, make sure you think about the costumes, lights, makeup, and everything else you have already incorporated into your production design.

3. Expand your knowledge! Scenic Projections are a great tool to learn more about the newest development in theatrical production design. Remember: being in theatre” isnt limited to acting, singing and dancing!

Creating a world in which the action takes place is just as vital as portraying a character, and with experiences ranging from costume design to carpentry, utilizing Scenic Projections in your production offers another exciting technical avenue to explore and understand. Broadway Media provides a variety of resources and world class projection experts to get you started – get in touch[email link to aus@broadwaymedia.comlink to BMD]!

4. Give your cast the chance to see it before tech.

It is customary to educate your cast on the inner-workings of a traditional set, as to make sure everyone knows where the entrances and exits are located. The same rule applies to digital scenery, where it may be even more important to help your cast know where each animated transition or magical moment occurs. To avoid confusion, make sure your cast is familiar with the projections with plenty of time before performances.

Firstly, thank you for considering this resource! Secondly, you wont regret it – we know that once youve made the switch to Scenic Projections, you wont look back.

The Scenic ProjectionsTM resource is designed to be very simple and intuitive. You can license still or animated scenery for many MTI titles. With that booking, you receive pre-production rehearsal materials and production materials for your performance dates, all delivered through a simple-to-use software (available on Mac and PC).

Pre-production rehearsal materials: Your watermarked pre-production rehearsal materials are available in advance of your performance dates to provide ample time for coordination and rehearsal.  In addition, you can take advantage of the access to quick how-to videos and articles that will help get you setup and running quickly through your customer account.

Performance Materials: When its time to perform, your rehearsal license will automatically  convert to production status and unlock the full features.

Not only does Scenic ProjectionsTM save money, but reduces built elements, giving you more time to focus on your cast members and put on a spectacular show!

A PC or Mac, a projector (or LED wall), any necessary cables to connect your devices, and a surface to project images on. Broadway Medias digital scenery will work with any projector, but for optimal results,we recommend a front-projection setup with  an ultra short-throw projector of at least 5,000 lumens of brightness (with this ideal setup, you can reduce or eliminate shadows altogether!). As far as surfaces are concerned, a lightly colored upstage wall, a cyclorama or a simple backing cloth (think stitched-together bedsheets!) will work, as long as it reflects light. You can read more about this on Broadway Medias blog.

Broadway Medias advice: Were living in an age of technology - especially in classrooms. If youre performing in a cafetorium, or a drama studio, make use of your schools data projector. You wont get a stunning Broadway-style image clarity or brightness, but it will still transform your performance space and give your kids the thrill of a professional production. Make sure to not overthink your technical setup. Get creative and collaborate with the entire production team to create a cohesive and theatrical solution. We believe that the best results are achieved with the perfect balance of lighting alongside digital and traditional scenery.

Each time you create a new booking for a Junior title you must purchase the entire ShowKit.

Participants must be 18 years old and under in order to perform in a Junior title.

There are no currently orchestrations available for Junior titles. You may perform the show with either the piano vocal score or the accompaniment CD.

Yes - any presentation of a musical from MTI that takes place in front of an assembly of people (no matter how few) is considered royalty-bearing under the law, whether or not admission is charged. These can include "invited" dress rehearsals, or contest excerpts. A valid performance license is required for all of these performances. If a group has any questions regarding whether or not a performance may require a royalty, they should contact their licensing representative at MTI. 

The MTI production materials are not available for purchase. MTI does not work with individuals per se like most other companies.  MTI only works with producing organizations such as schools, colleges, and community theaters BUT MTI works with individuals under the umbrella of those producing organizations. It is our arrangement with the rights holders that, since our materials are not published, we will only provide materials to producing organizations looking to do the show.

A perusal order is a completely separate order from the set of materials that are included in the hire set for a licensed production and there is a shipping charge associated with a perusal order. Perusals are not part of the standard rental set and they cannot be made part of the rental set because we do not have the ability to reissue the same bar coded book as part of a new order until after it has been received back and scanned into the current order. 

As long as that other group applies for the rights and they remain available in your area, it’s possible that multiple organizations in the same area could be granted the rights to present the same title. We do not grant exclusivity to amateur producing organizations; only professional and touring productions are granted that privilege. This means that it’s important that the producing organizations in your area are communicative about show selections during the season planning process if you know your organization’s audience base overlaps with other area producers.

National Tours do not always post the entire schedule and have the right to "hold" the rights in a market they are planning on touring.

If a show is listed as restricted on our website it means that the show has not yet been made available for licensing. 

When you are granted a performance license, by law, the show you license must be performed, "as is." You have no right to make any changes at all unless you have obtained prior written permission from MTI to do so. Otherwise, any changes violate the authors’ rights under federal copyright law. Without prior permission from MTI, your actions may subject you to liability - not only to the authors, but also to us - for breaching the terms of your license agreement, which clearly forbids you to make any changes or deletions. 



Copyright law gives authors the exclusive right to control the reproduction of their work. When MTI grants a license for a live stage production of a show, that license does not include the right to record it because the authors retain the sole right to decide when or if their work is recorded in any way. We do offer Video Licenses for select MTI titles.

Even a recording made for classroom use, as a personal memento or as an archival school record violates the authors’ separate right to reproduce their work. In many cases, the authors have already granted such rights exclusively to film or television companies, in which case you would also be infringing upon the rights granted by the authors to a third party. 

If a group has first licensed and presented the full production, MTI can then grant permission for that group to take and use a continuous and linear segment section of their production for a competition. The full production must be done first and then the section used in the competition would need to be a continuous segment section from the show. We cannot grant permission for you to cut and paste or rearrange things or rewrite the authors’ work. There would be an additional royalty fee required for the competition performance and there could be no presentation of the competition selection presented publicly.

Absolutely not. Orchextra is a fully functional instrument that is to be played at all times by a musician. There may be sections in rehearsal where the player can hit "Go" and have it play by itself according to the tempo set in the tempo map. This is not how the instrument was intended to be played.

  • Clicking on the link in your email will take you to the My Downloads section of your MyMTI account.
  • Choose which file to download (for Mac, use OSX) and double click on the link to download your .zip file. As soon as you save the .zip file on your machine, double click on the .zip file to extract the .dmg file.  Then double click on the .dmg file to extract the RSP1 file.  Then double click on the RSP1 file to open up the Install file.
  • If you receive an error message, you may need to adjust your “Settings” to allow downloads from a third party.
  • If you are trying to install on a school’s network, you may need to contact your Network Administrator for assistance.

RehearScorePlus will run on Windows XP thru Windows 10, and Mac OS X.  

When we create a new RehearScorePlus, we are faithful to the piano/vocal score or the piano/conductor score. You will be able to isolate the piano accompaniment, as well as every vocal line in the entire show.  All songs, interludes, overtures, and playoffs are included. This means that RehearScorePlus is not just useful for your lead actors, but also for your 2nd alto trying to isolate their note in all of the big choral numbers. RehearScorePlus is also great for  rehearsing dance numbers and  timing complicated blocking and scene changes.  

The answer to this question is very specific to the type of audio interface you have, and where you want the sound to go. The best person to ask for assistance on this is your theater technician, or a pro-audio savvy musician. 

The following article will help you make the most of your Keyboard Patch Solutions experience:

What You Need To Run Keyboard Patch Solutions.

With Keyboard Patch Solutions, chances are very good that you or someone you know already has most of the equipment you need. For a comprehensive list, please read the following article:

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Not all of our shows have vector files available. Often, vector files are not possible from the original artist or agency, due to the nature and/or complexity of the art. We are working to make vector availability information available soon. 

You may make your own T-shirts using your logo pack but they can only be sold to cast and crew at cost. You can not sell them for a profit.

Yes. Please be sure to include all of the required information for each requested song.

In most cases, we will send your transposition request via courier. 

First, determine the exact key you'll need for the requested song. Once you’re sure of the key, fill out the order form (online or download) and send it to MTI along with your full payment. Missing information on your order form may result in delays in processing your requests. Please be sure to double check that you have provided all of the required information.

We’ll send you the transposed parts in about 10 to 15 business days (or less). Once ready, your Transpositions-On-Demand will be sent via email with a secure digital download link, ensuring the fastest delivery possible.