1950s Baltimore, the conservative squares face off against the leather-clad delinquents in this rockabilly musical based on John Waters' cult film.

This jumping, jiving Tony nominee is a rebellious teen comedy event! Based on the cult classic, 1990 John Waters film, Cry-Baby features a delightfully demented book from the writers of Hairspray and a rockabilly score from the co-founder of Fountains of Wayne and the executive producer of "The Daily Show." 

It's 1954. Everyone likes Ike, nobody likes communism and Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker is the coolest boy in Baltimore. He's a bad boy with a good cause – truth, justice and the pursuit of rock and roll. Cry-Baby and the square rich girl, Allison, are star-crossed lovers at the center of this world. Fueled by hormones and the new rhythms of rock and roll, she turns her back on her squeaky clean boyfriend, Baldwin, to become a "drape" (a Baltimore juvenile delinquent) and Cry-Baby's moll. At the other end of the topsy-turvy moral meritocracy of 1954 America, Baldwin is the king of the squares and leads his close-harmony pals against the juvenile delinquents, who are ultimately arrested for arson, sending the drapes all off to prison. It's Romeo and Juliet meets High School Hellcats.

Filled with unforgettable songs and a truly unique and fresh story, Cry-Baby is a perfect choice for any theatre looking to add a rockin' good time to their season. Cry-Baby, Allison and Baltimore's energetic juvenile delinquents will dance their way right into your audience's heart!



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Questions & Answers

August 16, 2017
What are the set requirements for this show? I would love to propose this as a show, but set needs cannot be extravagant due to space constrictions.
Set requirement
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October 28, 2016
When will Cry-Baby be available for licensing?
I would like to direct a two weekend run of Cry-Baby in July 2017 in a community theater setting. I've been following this title since January and it's still restricted. When is it expected to be up for licensing (should I be looking for a different show to propose)?
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October 04, 2016
Expected Release Date?
I've been following this musical for over 7 months now and it still says that expected general release is in the 'next 3 months'. Is there any news on when it will become available?
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April 02, 2016
Is it possible at all to adjust some content in this show to work for a high school?
Some of the content in the show is iffy for High school. But it would be a great show for our high school to do! Is there any alternate lyrics or any other way to pass it through?
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March 31, 2016
I am interested in producing a show from MTI for high school competition. Can any of the show selections be cut down to 40 min?
Show Cuting
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Hi I would like to be informed when this show is released. Thank you.

Hello - just click on the "Follow" button either on the Future Release page or the Show Page itself, and you'll be notified as soon as Cry-Baby is available to license. 

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December 21, 2015
Licensing Question
Hello, It says on your website that Cry-Baby was to have been released this fall and that Little Miss Sunshine was supposed to be out sometime in 2015... Seeing that it is no longer fall and almost the end of the year, I was curious to see if these releases were still on the horizon. I am already "following" these shows and have called with regards to this issue. If possible, I'd really like a better idea of when these shows are to be available and why they have not yet been released as stated. We are very interested in potentially producing these pieces and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much!
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