Six Women with Brain Death...

Six Women with Brain Death or Expiring Minds Want to Know
A fast-paced, take-no-prisoners feminist satire of life at the end of the millennium.

Overweight Prom Queen Candidate Loses Crown!
Housewife Keeps Severed Head On Cake Plate!
Bambi Goes Haywire in Forest With Uzi!

To the expiring mind of a modern American woman, life can read like a tabloid headline. Six Women with Brain Death is a wild and very left-of-center view of the world from an entirely feminine standpoint.

In a series of bizarre but hysterical songs and sketches, the authors explore TV soap operas, "genuine press-on nails," Barbie and Ken's secret fantasy life, divas, a unique and new way of recycling, and what "is" and "is not" feminine – with an unforgettable detour through a forest where Bambi meets Rambo.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, Six Women with Brain Death is a hard-rockin', harder-talkin' cult classic.


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