Camelot - Small Cast Version

Camelot - Small Cast Version
The legendary love triangle of King Arthur, Guenevere and Sir Lancelot leaps from the pages of T.H. White’s novel in Lerner and Loewe’s award-winning, soaring musical.

Borrowing from the Arthurian legends, Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot is the duo’s fantastical masterpiece which triumphed on Broadway in a legendary original production that lead to a film version, and numerous revivals in New York, London and across the globe. Its Original Broadway Cast Album topped the charts for 60 weeks, with a rich score boasting such gems  as "If Ever I Would Leave You," “I Loved You Once in Silence,” "The Lusty Month of May," and of course, "Camelot."

An idealistic young King Arthur hopes to create a kingdom built on honor and dignity, embodied by his Knights of The Round Table. His Ideals, however, are tested when his lovely queen, Guenevere, falls in love with the young Knight, Lancelot, and the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance.

Lerner and Loewe's Camelot – Small Cast Version has been adjusted to suit a smaller ensemble, making the delightful classic more accessible to theaters and schools without a large pool of actors. The definitive score and memorable characters are all there but with a libretto and orchestration adapted for a more intimate production.

Theatre capacity must be less than 600 seats for Professional and select Large Amateur Theatres.

Concert Selections for Camelot

Concert Selections are original Broadway orchestrations and exciting new symphonic arrangements of select songs for use in concert performances. Concert Selections are the perfect way to give audiences a taste of the musical theatre experience without the sets, props and costumes.


Pricing is for individual songs only. 

Pricing for Orchestral Suites and other items can be provided on receipt of your Application Form. 



A$99.50 for 1st five minutes (Base Hire rate) 

A$19.00 per minute thereafter (to a maximum of 40 minutes for Small Rights works)

The minimum Base Hire period is 2 months which is calculated from the date required to the first performance date. 

Extra months are charged at 25% of the hire fee per month or part thereof.  

A 50% discount of the Base Hire fee is available for 2nd and subsequent performances provided the fee is not less than the Base Hire rate (amateur only).

If your order requires immediate processing, a A$44.00 Priority Fee per work is applicable. 



We will provide a quote once we receive your Application Form. 

    First Performance Fee:
    Each Additional Performance:
    Music by
    Frederick Loewe
    Lyrics by
    Alan Jay Lerner
    Orchestrated by
    R.R. Bennett and P.J. Lang
    3 Piano Conductor Scores, 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet 1, 1 Clarinet 2, 1 Bassoon, 2 Horns 1&2, 1 Horn 3, 2 Trumpets 1&2, 1 Trumpet 3, 1 Trombone 1, 1 Trombone 2, 1 Mandolin, 1 Harp, 2 Percussion, 9 Violin A, 8 Violin B, 7 Viola, 6 Cello, 5 Bass


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October 27, 2021
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Cross Gender casting

As the cast are all described as "revelers", can we cast women or non-binary performers in tracks as long as pronouns/character genders aren't altered? (Thinking specifically of the tracks that play the Knights & Mordred.) 

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