Oil City Symphony

Oil City Symphony
A nostalgic, toe-tapping delight, four musicians reunite to perform at their alma mater.

The auditorium has been swept. The crepe paper has been hung. Four music stands sit on an improvised stage. From the creators of Pump Boys and Dinettes comes the knee-slapping and award-winning revue, Oil City Symphony, the story of four graduates who return to their alma mater to honor their beloved music teacher. Remember… it's hip to be square.

The four musicians of Oil City High are proud, eager – not necessarily gifted – and slightly competitive. Performing a bizarre program that ranges from the "1812 Overture" to "The Stars and Stripes Forever" to rock standards, sentimental favorites and off-beat original songs, the four fill their tribute concert with good old-fashioned fun that even includes an audience-participatory rendition of "The Hokey-Pokey," and punch and cookies.

Easy and economical to produce, Oil City Symphony is a knee-slapping, sweetly nutty tribute that's an ideal showcase for four charismatic actor-singer-musicians.


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