Teddy & Alice

Teddy & Alice
The battle of wills between the great American President and his free-spirited daughter is the heart of this family drama.

Matching the upbeat music of John Philip Sousa to a tale about rambunctious Teddy Roosevelt and his oldest daughter proves a happy – all right, a bully – combination in Teddy & Alice, a high-stepping, flag-waving and heart-warming family drama.

The story concerns President Theodore Roosevelt and his trials and tribulations with trying to run the country, be a good father to his children and especially trying to deal with his stubborn and independent daughter, Alice. She smokes, dresses provocatively and speaks up about foreign policy issues – all shocking things for ladies to do in that time period. Things get especially heated when Alice falls in love with the much older Congressman Nick Longworth.

Brimming with rousing marches and patter songs, à la The Music Man, and featuring a cast of outrageous, larger-than-life characters, Teddy & Alice is an hysterical and historical slice of Americana. This rousing musical features four wonderful principal roles, five Roosevelt children, amusing character parts (including Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt) and a large, flexible chorus.


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